An Innocent pass time

Wow’s office manager, Sarah Jenkinson has been very busy. In her own time she has taken up knitting and accepted a challenge from Innocent smoothies. The varied results are here to see. For every knitted hat smoothie bottle, Innocent Smoothies donate 25pence to the charity Age UK. Every year thousands of our senior citizens struggle with the cold and in a joint initiative – Age Uk and Innocent Smoothies help to keep thousands of older people warm and healthy during the chilly winter months.
The deadline for all the hats to be in was 31st October and Innocent Smoothies plan to put over 1 million hats onto their bottles in November and there are a huge variety of shapes and sizes in terms of patterns and colours.
Sarah said “I saw the innocent big knit being advertised on TV and I loved knitting as a kid and thought I would take up the challenge.”
Well done Sarah!

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